About Us

How We Got Started

Sensory Medical was formed in 2009 after our CEO, Fred Burbank, M.D., began to experience symptoms of RLS. He found relief from his RLS symptoms by getting out of bed, standing and walking. Although his symptoms were gone, the physical act of standing or walking left him wide awake. Dr. Burbank postulated that a device providing counterstimulation, while in bed, would relieve his symptoms and allow him to quickly return to sleep. As a result, our team developed a series of test devices and found that these devices allowed him to remain in bed while relieving his symptoms.

This initial success with Dr. Burbank led to the development of the Symphony™ device (now called Relaxis™). The completion of two clinical, multi-center, double blind studies with 158 patients resulted in FDA clearance to market the Relaxis™ device.

Relaxis is a “First in Class,” FDA-cleared non-drug medical device that is indicated to improve the quality of sleep in patients with primary Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) through the use of vibratory counterstimulation. “First In Class” means it’s the very first medical device (vs. drug treatment) to improve the quality of sleep for sufferers of primary RLS.

Sensory Medical is located in, and assembles the Relaxis devices in San Clemente, California.

Meet Our Team

 About Us Fred-Burbank, Our Team


Fred Burbank, Co-Founder,  provides medical advice to our R&D engineering team and co-directs the organization’s overall strategic planning. Fred earned both his BA in Biology and his MD from Stanford University and then went on to explore many areas of science and entrepreneurship. He has worked as a psychiatrist, radiologist, entrepreneur, and inventor. He is the author of book chapters, textbooks, and over sixty articles.



About  Us Mike-Jones, Our TeamMike Jones, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO), takes a hands-on approach to his responsibilities as COO. With a 25-plus-year background in both engineering and the medical device industry, Mike serves a pivotal role in the invention, design, and development of our novel device technologies. Many of Mike’s projects and inventions have focused on addressing unmet needs of women’s health. He has worked with leading physicians to define product need and function as well as directed team efforts in the regulatory processes and market introduction of multiple products. In short, Mike possesses invaluable skills and knowledge needed to make great ideas tangible and applicable products. Mike earned a BA in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley as well as an MS in Mechanics and Materials from California State University, Long Beach.




David Baker, Chief Executive Officer, has spent  twenty-one years in the health care medical device and service industry. A seasoned medical technology executive in the sleep technology industry, Davis previously was the CEO of MyCardio, a startup focused on sleep quality measures.  He also spent several years in sleep diagnostics and sleep services at Embla, SleepTech, and Phoenix Sleep. David has been a CEO for over 10 years in both public and private companies. He graduated with honors from Newcastle University, UK and has been published in numerous publications on sleep and the use of Cardio Pulmonary Coupling.







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